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About ALL

The Australian Learning Lecture is a ten-year initiative by Koshland Education Innovation designed to bring big ideas and new approaches in education 
to national attention.

The Australian Learning Lecture acts as a hub and a catalyst, working with the world’s leading knowledge shapers to drive impact in key areas of need for change. It draws on the input of multiple voices and stakeholders to strengthen the importance of learning for all Australians. ALL is not politically or commercially aligned.

Our Impact Program 

Each lecture introduces a big new idea which is supported by an impact program. The program is designed to show that big ideas are possible in practice, to create awareness of the need for a learning culture and to build engagement with learning.

Previous Lectures

Since 2015, the Australian Learning Lecture has delivered two biennial lectures presented by two global thought leaders — Sir Michael Barber (Joy and Data, 2015) and Charles Fadel (The New Success 2017)

The Third Lecture

The third lecture Seeing is Believing: The Future School is Here, 2020 is delivered by Valerie Hannon.  The lecture is based on a global scan of schools commissioned by ALL and conducted by Valerie Hannon. The scan focused on schools that are designed to meet the future needs of students and our world. It revealed that radically transformed schools are already here – all around the world. Although these future-focussed schools are widely divergent in their settings and purposes, a core set of design principles was common to them all. ALL believes that these principles can provide useful guidance to designing future- fit schools across Australia. 

Koshland Education Innovation 

Koshland Education Innovation Ltd is an incorporated association with charitable status committed to research in education to benefit all children. The Australian Learning Lecture is proudly supported by the Koshland Innovation Extension Fund,a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation


For more information on our work and impact programs, you can email us directly to info@all-learning.org.au or simply click below and submit an enquiry form.

Our Team

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Our team is made up of people who are specialists in their field, and we draw regularly on the advice and support of other specialists.

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Our Supporters

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Our work is supported by many different organisations and individuals. Their support is either through direct contributions to our work or as collaborations with others.

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Our History

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The Australian Learning Lecture was established six years ago with an aim to bring big ideas in education to national attention, through our lectures and impact programs.

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For more information about our work and impact programs.

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