The New Success Lecture

The New Success Lecture

As a nation, we need to be clear about what will constitute The New Success, as it differs from the success we have known in the past.  

Changing times require change in ideas, and this is why the Australian Learning Lecture chose its second lecture to be on The New Success.

Today when individuals are likely to change jobs 17 times in a lifetime when robots will drive cars and do much accounting and legal work, it will not suffice merely to have a good basis in reading, mathematics and develop an extended knowledge in one field, as many of us have done.

Our children will need to develop new skills and character qualities.  These include flexibility, interpersonal skills and particularly the ability to work collaboratively, critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills.

In The New Success Lecture, Charles Fadel presented a compelling argument for transforming education to give young people the skills and qualities they need to succeed. That transformation includes the ongoing need for all children to have a strong foundation in the 3Rs but that they also embrace the transferable skills they need, such as problem-solving, collaboration and communication.

The New Success calls for learning that concentrates on: 

  • building deep learning around each child’s interests and passions:
  • focusing on problem-solving, learning from mistakes, engaging with challenges and creativity
  • using digital tools
  • working with others: at school, in the community … and even with the world;
  • ensuring growth at every level, allowing top students to zoom while assisting all students in areas where they are struggling.

Jennifer Westacott, Chief Executive of the Business Council of Australia, introduced the 2017 Australian Learning Lecture and discussed why we need to adopt new measures of success for our young people to ensure the future economic and social wellbeing of Australia.

How does education need to change if everyone is to flourish in a changing world?

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