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The Future School is Here

Seeing is Believing: The Future School is Here is the third big idea in education from the Australian Learning Lecture. It was chosen because people were asking what would significant change in schooling look like to meet the needs of the future? 

Many people had understood the new skill set and capabilities students would need — but how would that translate into new models of schools.

The lecture draws on a global scan conducted by Valerie Hannon, commissioned by the Australian Learning Lecture, which found more than 50 schools already operating as schools fit for the future. While each school has different circumstances, each is guided by a core set of principles which emerged during the research. 

Seeing is Believing: The Future School is Here captures the learnings from the research and shares the core principles for transformation for all schools. It includes videos from several future-fit schools.

The lecture sets out three priority areas for action. These are:

  • Build the public will for change
  • Encourage a different professional debate
  • Become leaders who really lead

Watch the video with your colleagues, other parents or your School Council.

NB: The lecture is accessible with captioning and Auslan interpreters.

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