Seeing is Believing: The Future School WA lecture

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Seeing is Believing: The Future School WA lecture

March 10, 2021


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More people have become aware of the need to change schooling in a significant way, moving away from knowledge retention to equipping students with capacities to solve problems, work with others, communicate and create opportunities. But they ask ‘But what would such schools look like?

We invite you to join the WA Commissioner for Children and Young people online for the FREE insightful and practical Australian Learning Lecture ….. Seeing is believing: The future school is here.

Date: Thursday, 18 March 2021

4.15pm Welcome & opening
4.30pm Screening of Seeing in Believing: The Future School is Here Lecture

5.00pm Panel & Q and A featuring Valerie Hannon, Colin Pettit (CC&YP), Jay Weatherill (Minderoo Foundation) and Conor McLaughlin (Futuristic Skills)

5.45pm Moving forward

6.00pm Close