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Seeing is Believing: The Future School on show.

What does a future school look like? How does a school become future fit? How do they put their values and vision into practice? 

Here are three examples of great schools in Cambodia, Indonesia and New Zealand.  Each video shows that creating a Future School is not only possible but that the Future School is very much here now.

Jeff Holte runs the Liger Leadership Academy in Phnom Penh, a school shaped to create the leaders of the future. This is in a country ravaged by a traumatic past. In this inspiring video Jeff describes the school’s approach to ethical leadership.

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The Green School in Indonesia, and now New Zealand, Mexico and South Africa is representative of schools giving primacy to the idea that we have no future unless every child becomes environmentally literate, passionate and active. At the Green School, the curriculum design is derived from its key principles of relevance, purpose, relational, and of course ecosystemic.

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Arihia Stirling, the much-honoured principal of the school, talks here about the school’s belief that to create successful futures, young people need to discover who they are, together with a sense of belonging.

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