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April 19, 2023

ALL commissioned Tom Greenwell and Chris Bonnor, authors of Waiting for Gonski, to develop a proposal which prioritises a new equitable framework of how we fund and regulate our schools.

Tom Greenwell

Tom is co-author with Chris Bonnor of Waiting for Gonski, How Australia failed its schools (UNSW Press 2022). He writes about Australian education policy for Inside Story and The Canberra Times and teaches history and politics in the ACT public education system. He previously worked as a research officer for the Australian Education Union.

Chris Bonnor

Chris is a former teacher and secondary school principal, a previous head of the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council, co-author with Jane Caro of The Stupid Country and What Makes a Good School, and co-author of Waiting for Gonski. He has jointly authored papers on Australia’s schools in association with the Centre for Policy Development and the Gonski Institute for Education.