Putting the New Success on the Australian agenda

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Putting the New Success on the Australian agenda

February 16, 2021

Charles Fadel spoke at Roundtables hosted by the Commonwealth, Victoria and New South Wales Governments, at a special seminar for philanthropists hosted by the Sydney Opera House, and with a range of radio and online media.

Much of the discussion focused on what needs to change to equip young people for the future, including a move to skills rather than just scores; teachers supported to teach for future success; the requirement for universities to alter tertiary entry requirements to reflect capabilities that matter to future success; and the need for politicians to have the courage to plan long-term.

“The New Success is about ensuring that not only do children have a strong foundation in the 3Rs but that they also embrace the transferable skills they need, such as problem- solving, collaboration and communication,” Charles Fadel said.

He told the various Roundtables that it was important now to look deeply and prepare ahead while applying quick easy solutions with a view to long term change.

“We need a Jenga (a child’s wooden block game) approach where we carefully remove outdated or irrelevant curriculum and steadily build on introducing 21st Century requirements such as financial literacy, wellness, and entrepreneurship,” Fadel said.