Choice and Fairness for all Australian Schools

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Choice and Fairness for all Australian Schools

December 7, 2023

The Australian Learning Lecture was one of many organisations to make a submission to the panel reviewing the NSRA agreement.

The submission took a long-term approach to the problems highlighted in its discussion paper, notably that Australian education requires a new overall framework for Australia’s schools.  Our proposal focussed on matters which must be addressed if we are to achieve longer term change.

Our recommendations included the need for Australia to:

  • Develop a clear, contemporary rationale for our current framework, including the country’s dual system of publicly funded schools.
  • Review the remits of existing agencies with the consideration of establishing a separate independent body to focus and report on equity in schooling, including social segregation and its impact on student outcomes, and
  • Establish a common framework for all Australian schools and exploring and assessing common framework models in other countries.

As we say in the submission, inequity will not magically disappear. Radical reform requires radical ideas, and the courage to change.

Read our submission here:


 ALL has joined with Cameron Malcher from TER Podcast ( to produce two podcasts diving more deeply into the issues raised in Choice and Fairness. In the first, Ellen Koshland explains why ALL published the report as part of its commitment to drive conversations about new big ideas in education while Tom Greenwell and Chris Bonnor talk about the issues raised in the publication in the second podcast. You can listen here: