Comparative Perspectives on school segregation

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Comparative Perspectives on school segregation

November 9, 2023

This book examines various aspects of school segregation and their complex interrelations with policy, structure, and context in diverse settings. It advances the understanding of the causes, processes and consequences of school segregation around the globe.

Topics examined include student sorting between schools in marketized systems; the effects of school socioeconomic segregation on international tests of student achievement and the structures that shape cross-national variations; the impact of school choice on school segregation in Canada; school segregation and institutional trust in Chile; racial/ethnic and socioeconomic segregation in Brazil; and parental financial contributions as a cause and consequence of school segregation in Australia. The contributions highlight how selective schooling, private schooling, school funding, school choice, and school competition interact to shape school segregation, as well as the consequences of school segregation on a range of student outcomes. Through its embrace of diversity of methodological approaches, context and focus, this book stimulates new lines of research in an important and growing field.

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