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Matching for Success

December 7, 2023

ALL has joined forces with Melbourne Assessment, Deakin University, RMIT, The University of Melbourne and the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre to establish whether learner profile data can provide value in the tertiary selection process.

This work aims to establish whether the information available through new success metrics can not only add value in the selection process, but whether and how this can be achievable at scale to enable whole-of-system change.

The Matching for Success working group recently made a submission to the Australian Universities’ Interim Accord Review drawing attention to how the use of learner profiles could support the government’s aspiration in achieving increased and wider participation in tertiary education.

The working group was set up to further the new approach to recognising and credentialling learning at senior secondary level.  A major premise underpinning the project is that selection and recruitment practices based on learner profiles could be used at scale to enrich the information base used by learners to inform their applications, and by tertiary institutions in recruitment and selection processes.

The submission contends that this is likely to have immediate benefit for students from under-represented groups for entry into tertiary education pathways, a key area identified in the interim Accord report, but is also likely to assist all students and institutions to generate a better match of candidate with course, to ensure student success and increase retention.

The submission can be read here: