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The Future School resources

December 7, 2023

Several new resources have emerged from the partnership focussing on FutureSchool between ALL and ACEL Australia.

The resources include case studies and podcasts on three schools – Emmanuel College, Perth, Katherine High School, NT and Warakirri College, NSW. The three schools took part in the 2022 ACEL conference where they showcased the significant changes each is making to help their students meet their future needs.

Each school drew strongly on their mission and vision to focus and direct how they worked to engage students in the belief that the traditional model was not working, and they needed to do better by them and by their teachers as well.

All schools underscored the centrality of the learner experience which saw staff listening and responding to students and developing constructive relationship with them.

Both Warakirri College and Katherine High School were particularly focused on addressing disadvantage for students in their respective communities. Addressing diverse needs was also a consideration for both schools. All schools identified workforce challenges. For example, Katherine High School’s challenge pertained to attracting and retaining staff; Emmanuel Catholic College’s focus concerned managing engagement and workload; and Warakirri College’s challenge focused on building enhanced staff collective efficacy.