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The Passion Toolkit

The Passion Toolkit offers a simple but powerful tool for schools to ensure that all children are known and their interests employed in driving quality education for each of them. 

The toolkit is an important asset for preventing student disengagement. A survey of Australian schools, commissioned by the Australian Learning Lecture which showed that many schools did not know the individual interests of their students. 

Further research showed that passion can drive and develop deep learning, and help to change the paradigm from one of success and failure to one where growth and motivation are celebrated.

The Passion Toolkit is a step-by-step approach to assist students to identify and know their passions, and for teachers to better know their students and develop the joy of learning. 

The toolkit has been extensively piloted firstly with 19 inspirational teachers and then with six schools in Victoria. Those schools were Western Port Secondary College, Mount Alexander College, Bentleigh Secondary College, Eltham High School, Kingswood College and Portland Secondary College.

The Australian Council for Educational Research undertook the evaluation of the Passion Toolkit trial. 

This important trial and evaluation of the Passion Toolkit was generously supported by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. 



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