Creating leaders of the future

The Future School

Seeing is Believing: The Future School on show.

Jeff Holte runs the Liger Leadership Academy in Phnom Penh, a school shaped to create the leaders of the future. This is in a country ravaged by a traumatic past. In this inspiring video Jeff describes the school’s approach to ethical leadership.

“We take very seriously our goals. We call them leadership competencies and it is things like vision and influence about networking, about problem solving, about communication and collaboration, and dot connecting — being able to connect dots and solve problems; being able to understand how one thing impacts another thing.

And that is really the basis for our whole curriculum. It is not just an add-on as many people talk about. But those kinds of competencies, these leadership competencies, are skills that will bring them into the future. And for our students in Cambodia, we believe these literally are the skills that they need to create a better economy and a better country.”