Learning Maths can be joyful

Six Inspiring Schools - Learning Maths can be joyful

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How did Maths Pathway start at Bacchus Marsh College?

Bacchus Marsh College adopted Maths Pathway in 2015. Initially the school implemented a blended program for Year 7s and 8s, using a combination of a traditional textbook and Maths Pathway. From Term Three they used only the Maths Pathway program.

As Samantha Goodman reports, “Initially teachers hated the program. They found it very confronting. There is not much explicit teaching and you need to work on 25 individual programs.” Now, she says, “teachers love the data.” Teachers are able to use the data to identify issues and work with small groups more effectively.

The Year 7s at Bacchus Marsh College now spend three periods a week working on the individualised part of the Maths Pathway Learning Model, and two periods a week working collaboratively on rich problem solving using games, concrete materials and hands-on tasks designed by their teachers.

The evidence so far

Initially, Bacchus Marsh College had a mixed response to Maths Pathway from both the students and parents. After running information sessions and parent meetings, parents are now generally supportive of this new approach. As Samantha Goodman reports, it has been a case of constantly adjusting the program so that it works best for the students.

The data from Maths Pathway is bringing joy to learning. Samantha Goodman has seen a significant change in student growth levels. She says “students are staying back at lunchtime to get their data. They talk about which icon they’re on and there’s a real emphasis on a growth mentality.” Importantly, she reports that students are thinking about why their data is not as good as it could be and are reflecting on their learning behaviours.

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